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The Wandering Maker

My name is Hannah and I am the face behind The Wandering Wheels!

Here are a few things about me and my husband Sawyer.

I am 29 years old and am constantly being drawn toward nature and away from cities. I have never felt at home surrounded by buildings, and the only 'home' I can picture myself in is one surrounded by nature.

Sawyer and I built our first off-grid camper in 2019, and since have developed a deep love for being nomadic and taking long trips to the wilderness. With each remote location we visit, we come closer to the knowledge of just how small we really are.

Our favorite time of day is sunset.

My favorite place to make jewelry is outdoors or surrounded by wilderness. The location doesn't matter, desert or towering trees, I long to hear the sounds of the wild around me.

Sawyer loves to hike, bike (BMX, mountain, and dirtbike), skateboard, snowboard, build and work on RC cars, and surf! He can fix anything and is a skilled craftsman and builder. He loves to eat good food and is a boss at backing up a trailer! All of his favorite activities involve being outdoors, and he cannot stand to be cooped up indoors for too long.

His weakness: loves cheese.

Weird quirk: Cannot walk out on a floating dock without jumping up and down to 'test the durability' of it.


Hannah loves to be outdoors, to hike, bike, create, experience the food of a particular place, have outdoor picnics, homeopathy and nutrition, baking, making chocolates, natural building techniques and design, tending to my herb garden, anything that involves being creative with my hands: painting, drawing, silversmithing, drawing, designing, building. My love for off-grid living and self-sufficiency draws me to live a slow and old fashioned lifestyle.

My weakness: peanut butter. If it's peanut butter with chocolate you can just count me in.

Weird quirk: I must fill my cup of coffee up to the absolute top and then be surprised when it spills as I try to walk around with it.

Thank you for being here and for adventuring with us!

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