Salmon, found all around the world, including the Great Lakes! The word salmon means 'to leap' so this design is inspired by these amazing fish. Paired with the lovely green turquoise (Sonoran gold turquoise). These little fishies are here to remind you to just keep swimming, even if you're traveling upstream and the current is against you. 


Earrings measure:

2 3/4" length

1 1/4" at widest


Hung from hand forged sterling ear wires. 


All components have been hand-formed with love and .925 sterling silver.


On the back, you will find several markings: "WW" is my makers mark, and .925 for sterling silver, and a wave to mark this piece as part of the Coastal Collection.


- I had to make some salmon after I found out what cool fishies they are:

"Salmon are considered “anadromous” which means they live in both fresh and salt water. They are born in freshwater where they spend a few months to a few years (depending on the species) before moving out to the ocean. When it’s time to spawn, they head back to freshwater.  Very few other fish can survive in such wide ranges of salinity, and would die if they moved between salt and fresh water the way that salmon do." 



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Your jewelry will arrive in a presentation box, ready to be worn or gifted

• Lovingly hand-crafted in Door County, Wisconsin near the shores of Lake Michigan. This Coastal Collection is inspired by all things coastal. The movement of water, the color of the coast, the vibe of rivers, lakes, and ocean all inspired these one-of-a-kind designs. All jewelry from The Wandering Wheels is special due to it's unique process of creation. We create jewelry in a renovated cargo trailer. We live and work in our unique camper off the grid, using sustainable solar energy to power our tools, and recycled silver to make our creations. We use the light that the sun provides to work during the day, and we use inspiration of the places we visit to come up with designs for our jewelry. We love what we do and we love sharing it with you.

Sonoran Gold Turquoise 'Jumping Salmon' Earrings

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