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Meet 'JASPER'!

Jasper was a hunter-gatherer who created one of the most important tools of his time; the arrowhead. His art was called "Flint knapping". He was known all across the land to make the sharpest and most beautiful arrowheads. Other makers didn't care about what their arrowheads looked like, they only served one purpose to them.. but Jasper carefully and skillfully crafted beautiful shapes and colors to make the most magnificent arrowheads of all time. Here's to you, Jasper!


Earrings measure approximately 2 3/8" long


Genuine jasper stones, hand-crafted silver arrowheads, and sterling silver ear wires


All components have been hand-formed with love, using .925 sterling & .999 fine silver.


Your jewelry will arrive in a presentation box, ready to be worn or gifted


• This handcrafted collection was inspired by and made in America's 'WILD WEST'. The desert, mountain and wildlands that make up the beautiful southwestern part of the Country provided endless inspiration and memories that I am thrilled to put into a tangible product to share with you! 

 All jewelry from The Wandering Wheels is special due to it's unique process of creation. We create jewelry in a renovated cargo trailer. We live and work in our unique camper off the grid, using sustainable solar energy to power our tools, and recycled silver to make our creations. We use the light that the sun provides to work during the day, and we use inspiration of the places we visit to come up with designs for our jewelry. 

Thanks for being here!

'JASPER' Arrow Earrings | Jasper

  • Most major credit cards are accepted in my shop.

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