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Meet the 'MOHAVE' earrings!

These earrings are the centerpiece of this 'Wild West' collection. Read my story below and know that these have a special place in my heart. 


Earrings measure approximately 2 1/2" long, and just over 1 1/2" at their widest.


Kingman turquoise, freshwater pearls, a hand crafted silver design

hung on sterling ear wires.


All components have been hand-formed with love, using .925 sterling & .999 fine silver.


Your jewelry will arrive in a presentation box, ready to be worn or gifted


There once was a girl who worked for someone else who was following their passion. She worked and worked to pay her bills, only to be left with empty pockets and a drained soul. One day, she decided to find a way to follow her own passion.. and so she did. She left with a dream and a few bucks, and was met with obstacle after obstacle. It wasn't until she decided to change her mindset that the trials began seeming less severe. Is the grass naturally greener on the other side, or did she just neglect her own grass? She decided to practice contentment, because there was an endless list of things to be grateful for, even on the worst day. Nothing is perfect, but there is something particularly satisfying about slowing your life down on purpose, finding a way to build a life that you don't need to escape from, and being content with what you have.


One day, she sat gazing upon this huge and jagged mountain range. Emotions overwhelmed her as she sat in awe looking at the very mountains that towered above the san andreas fault. She didn't want the moment to pass and fall away from her memory, so she looked upon the mountains and drew the range on a piece of paper. She hoped that when she saw those majestic peaks on paper, the feeling of contentment that she felt when she saw them would come back and live in her heart forever. In that moment, she didn't have much money or possessions, but her heart leaped with joy, and the joy overcame the trials, and she was content just sitting and studying those jagged edges that touched the blue horizon. 


She made that skinny little drawing into these earrings, hoping to share the feeling she had with someone else.. that the stillness of this landscape will help you realize that contentment lies in the heart, not in the circumstance. The mountains don't look down upon the barren desert with pride.. the desert does not envy the mountains for their lush and watered greenery.. the birds of the desert sing with joy in seasons of drought and monsoons, the cactus collect morning dew and make the best of the dry season, and the wildflowers appreciate every minute of springtime. Nature does not complain, and their gratefulness to their creator is evident even in the harshest of times. 

That girl is me, 

I'm growing a little more each day, and learning a little bit more each day.








• This handcrafted collection was inspired by and made in America's 'WILD WEST'. The desert, mountain and wildlands that make up the beautiful southwestern part of the Country provided endless inspiration and memories that I am thrilled to put into a tangible product to share with you! 

 All jewelry from The Wandering Wheels is special due to it's unique process of creation. We create jewelry in a renovated cargo trailer. We live and work in our unique camper off the grid, using sustainable solar energy to power our tools, and recycled silver to make our creations. We use the light that the sun provides to work during the day, and we use inspiration of the places we visit to come up with designs for our jewelry. 

Thanks for being here!

'MOHAVE' Earrings | Kingman Turquoise

  • Most major credit cards are accepted in my shop.

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